Stay at School or Get a Job?

Tstudent_thinkinghis could be a big week for you, trying to decide on whether to go back to school or get a job.  When you completed school last year, chances are, all you thought about was summer on the beach or hanging out with mates.

We are now in 2014, summer’s almost done and it’s crunch time!  Your folks are on your back saying go back to school or get a job.

At the Foundation, (where, not surprisingly, we promote bricklaying apprenticeships) we sometimes hear young people say they’re over school and want to try a trade instead.  Bricklaying is one such trade with lots to recommend it and right now there are plenty of opportunities to enrol in a pre-apprenticeship course or try out on site with a bricklayer with a view to starting your Certificate III Apprenticeship.


Bricklayers are currently looking to hire young, enthusiastic people and put them through an apprenticeship in bricklaying/blocklaying.

This could be life-changing for you, as an apprenticeship in bricklaying can lead to a great career path in building and construction or to running your own business.

So when your mum kicks you out of bed and says “Do something with your life!” – think about bricklaying.

ABBTF has created this great website, here where you’ve landed at It can give you the information you need to get started or call us on 1300 66 44 96.

Geoff Noble

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