Strong Supply of Qualified Bricklayers in NSW Apprenticeship Ranks

A recent snapshot of new blood entering the NSW bricklaying market with Apprenticeship qualifications reconfirms that NSW continues to provide a strong and talented workforce for the State’s building and construction industry.

In addition, there is no shortage of high calibre candidates for the bi-annual NSW Regional WorldSkills competitions, due to take place in September this year and also evident in the bi-annual CMAA’s Golden Trowel Award held in alternating years.

The statistics on apprentices in training around NSW at present show that there are approximately 670 bricklaying students at various stages of completing their Certificate.  Well over half of these are supported by ABBTF industry funding for the employer.  It is pleasing to see that in total the number of apprentices in training has grown marginally since last year despite fairly tough trading conditions.

Soon to be qualified and entering the full time workforce, are up to 148 ABBTF-supported Year 3 and 4 Apprentices and at least 157 unsupported Year 4 Apprentices.  The numbers confirm that there is a ready supply of qualified bricklayers adding to the wealth of experience in the industry and sufficient to ensure that all brick housing and commercial construction requirements can be met into the future.

In addition many new apprentices are entering the trade due to increased ABBTF marketing.  This includes promoting bricklaying as a career path stepping stone to construction careers beyond bricklaying, in-school practical one-day events to try out bricklaying and promotion of pre entry courses.

The ABBTF is continuing its focus of finding the best candidates for meeting the needs of contractors and employers and on ensuring the retention of apprentices throughout their training.  If you are looking for an apprentice, contact the ABBTF and visit the website

Geoff Noble,
General Manager, ABBTF


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