Students, Job Seekers: Best Entry Point to Construction Trades

Trade Career Options

This is what recently qualified tradesmen are telling us about having completed their apprenticeship in Bricklaying and Blocklaying.  These are their own words, not ours and they represent just a few of the great comments about their decision to choose bricklaying as their first or sole trade qualification.

We know it’s working for young apprentices because ABBTF stays close to them throughout their training.  As well, we aim to ensure they’re placed with Employers (or hosts) that make a good fit, because working well together is crucial to learning the skills well and to enjoying work.  Many excellent employers and highly committed TAFE and other training teachers care passionately about how well you learn so are always available to help.  Our industry’s future reputation depends on high skills and on preparing qualified bricklayers for a sustainable trade future, so considerable mentoring and financial support is available to trainees.  Follow this up at the website.

Now is the Time

My New Year’s message to students leaving school and young job seekers across the nation is to take a good look at the ‘Become-a-Bricklayer’ website in regard to the opportunities and if you’re serious about exploring all options, take the Work Ready Program, just a week’s trial – for a close look, or go straight to the Enquiry Form now.  You’re in Demand!

Think hard about your career choices over the next few weeks and remember these three absolutes about YOU that are very important right now in your life:

  • You have the ability and the freedom to achieve big things.
  • But you need to put down roots.
  • Build a solid foundation.

… Become a Bricklayer


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