New Apprentice Pay Rates – Myths and Facts

There have been a number of conflicting headlines, articles and general perceptions in the trade on the degree to which the new pay rates will impact apprentice employment and training.


Australia’s Alan Ramsden Prepares for World Stage

The International WorldSkills Competition is only one month away in Leipzig Germany and apprentices competing from around the world are busily making final adjustments and fine-tuning techniques so they will be ready when it counts.


The Ongoing Quest for the Title of Best Bricklayer in the World!

We previously reported in this blog on Ron Elliott and the team at The Country Group(Botany NSW) who, on Australia Day this year, ‘carried’ the Aussie flag in the US Spec Mix 500 Competition for the title of Best Bricklayer in the World! Brian Freeman had been visiting the annual event for some years and decided with workmates Ron and Mark Reese to have a crack at the title in January this year.

Well they didn’t win but Ron says it was an amazing experience and they learned a heap about competing in the event and hope to do it again in 2013. Ron said the atmosphere was ‘mad’ – like a footy final in Australia.


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