Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Converts from Carpentry see Bricklaying as Clever Choice

A number of young bricklaying apprentices started out thinking they wanted to be carpenters.

We are hearing that views about carpentry and bricklaying are changing when people learn more about what’s involved in each trade. Increasingly, we’re seeing young people choose bricklaying over carpentry, due to opportunities, work effort and financial issues.


Bricklaying Apprenticeship gave Brad Long the freedom to choose his destiny

Tasmanian Brad Long is just 19 but in his short career he has already achieved his Bricklaying Apprenticeship, succeeded in running his own bricklaying business and in the last two years has also run the ‘Step out in Bricks’ program for the Education Department at Brooks and Winneleah High Schools.

With the current downturn in the building game he’s now commenced another apprenticeship, this time outside the building industry (in auto glazing), to further extend his armoury of skills. Brad’s got the attitude that though he loves bricklaying, he wants to build a flexible future that allows him to take advantage of the prevailing market conditions and have another set of skills he can use when housing starts are in the doldrums. He sees the future including travelling to other parts of Australia using his bricklaying qualification when things improve.


Getting on the trowel early is key to good, fast learning

I started my apprenticeship when I was 18. In hindsight a little later than I would’ve liked, but it probably worked out well, reinforcing that bricklaying was something I really wanted to do…and not just a cop out of school.

Bricklaying wasn’t a desirable trade to the majority at the time, and that was something that appealed to me. People shied away from the “dirty, hard work” image the trade has, and would rather be a sparky or a chippy, and doing something different as well as something that people knew was tough going was rewarding.


2011 was a good year: 2000+ Bricklaying Apprentices in Training

Looking back on last year, 2011 has been a very successful year in terms of the number of Apprenticeships currently in place in bricklaying and blocklaying.

ABBTF continued its strong support for apprentice training and employment with more than 2,000 apprentices across the country attracting subsidies for their employers and gaining training and skills for their future freedom.


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