A Smorgasbord of so Many Facets of Bricklaying in the Ukraine!

OK, let’s go to the Ukraine! I have to say this was an awesome trip (except for the shooting down of MH17 on the day I arrived). There is so much brick construction in Ukraine – over 90% of all construction is brickwork and I had the opportunity to visit this extremely profitable brick construction site.

Check out this full brick Cathedral, now and in the construction stages.


St Petersburg Brickwork is Forever

OK, let’s push on. This, in my opinion bricklaying-wise, is the most profound church in the world. It is the main church of St. Petersburg – Cathedral of the Resurrection or the Church of Spilt Blood.

This church is built on the site where Tsar Alexander the Great was executed. The extraordinary brickwork is phenomenal. It was started in 1883 and finally finished in 1907. It is one of the churches that covers all bricklaying applications to great lengths.


More Outstanding Brickwork from Russian Master Craftsmen

Let’s get back to Moscow – Red Square again – and one of the world’s most famous churches – St Basil’s Cathedral.

Just look at the different array of arches; the corbelling; the inverted brickwork; all constructed by hand – sometimes in a freezing environment.


Mind-blowing Russian Reds

I would like to share with you some of the most aesthetically profound brick constructions in the world. My recent trip to Europe, Russia and Ukraine has reinforced by belief that Red Square in Moscow houses some of the best brick constructions in the world. One of my favourites in Red Square is the Russian historical museum, pictured above.

Built by architect Vladimir Sherwood (whose father was an English Engineer), the museum is constructed of red brick and is a prime example of Russian Revivalism. It was completed in 1894 after a 20 year construction period, and its walls (some of them 1.4 metres thick) contain nearly all facets of bricklaying including this precision and architectural construction.


Renowned Architect, Gehry Chooses Brick for Challenging Sydney Design

Here’s something to celebrate! Right in the heart of one of the most crowded parts of Sydney and under wraps in construction is this amazing building set to become an Australian icon.


Blending the Brickwork is Your Responsibility – Be Proud of it!

If you wish brickwork and in particular face brickwork to remain a major part of the construction industry in the future, you need to take the responsibility for it.

Ignoring your responsibility for quality blending puts the future of bricks at risk of being rendered useless.


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