Is TAFE SA Tonsley the most inspiring Building Trades campus in Australia?

Become a Bricklayer

When Tonsley campus, Clovelly Park, SA opened in January 2014, ABBTF was later invited to inspect the building and bricklayer training facilities and the team was impressed, to say the least. It’s a modern, open bricklaying centre with the space to work.

Tonsley is arguably the best place to train, based on the new $120 million state-of-the-art facility, on the former Mitsubishi Motors site. The original car manufacturing upper structure was retained overlayed by a modern industrial architectural design for the fit out.


Schools Out…Another Door Opens if you Missed a Uni Offer

Become a Bricklayer First Brick Construction

Many young Australian’s will know by now if they were accepted into the University course of their choice based on their ATAR score.

Congratulations to the successful applicants, however, there is a silver lining to the perceived cloud covering the unsuccessful young people.

We have seen over many years that another door opens to create pathways to great careers for these people. An example is in construction and often the journey starts with an apprenticeship in bricklaying.


Masonry Wall Safety during Construction

Some important points for young apprentices and reminders for experienced bricklayers.

During construction work, masonry walls (brick and block) can fail due to side loads on the walls, the rate of construction, inadequate foundations or adjacent excavations. Side loads can include wind, inadvertent impact with the walls or leaning materials against them. Such failures can result in serious injuries or fatalities.


Where will I find my future freedom, in mining or construction?

With all the talk of the mining boom, the federal government has released some interesting new figures to put the mining industry in perspective with other industries.

In Australia, the construction industry employs over 1 million workers. It’s one of the three largest employing industries along with retail and healthcare. At FCTA (a leading Registered Training Organisation in SA) we have many students talking about getting in on the mining boom.


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