David Gill

NSW Blayney High: Bricklayers of the future!

Become a Bricklayer

Students at Blayney High School are greatly increasing their chance of employment in the future by involving themselves in the ABBTF Step Out Program! One of the students quipped “Bricklaying is more fun than I expected and I can’t wait to do some more!”


ABBTF Parents Know How Good a Trade it is!

If ever there was a testament to how good the bricklaying trade is, in terms of opening doors and building a career – this is it! Currently three ABBTF team members have encouraged their sons’ interest in starting an apprenticeship in bricklaying. It’s no mean feat from a small organisation like ABBTF to produce three new apprentices from its own families – they’re certainly doing their bit to improve apprentice numbers but most importantly they want opportunities for their children that will see them advance in a skilled area while also enjoying life and they can see clearly that bricklaying is a sound choice.

The three new apprentices in the last 12 months are Charlie, son of Brian Munns, ABBTF Qld Field Rep, Mitchell, son of David Gill, former ABBTF NSW Manager (now Bricklayer Training Aust [BTA] General Manager) and Daniel, son of Sue Johnsen, Personal Assistant to ABBTF CEO in Victoria.


ABBTF Welcomes John White

John White has been appointed NSW Manager for ABBTF following the departure of David Gill to head up Bricklayer Training Australia.


Actioning NSW Requests for Apprentices

With the New Year well underway, it’s timely to remind contractors and builders in NSW that a key role of ABBTF is to help you find apprentices for your business.


Renowned Architect, Gehry Chooses Brick for Challenging Sydney Design

Here’s something to celebrate! Right in the heart of one of the most crowded parts of Sydney and under wraps in construction is this amazing building set to become an Australian icon.


Aussie Team Challenges Again for ‘The World’s Best Bricklayer’

The USA’s annual quest to find ‘The World’s Best Bricklayer’ is on again and Aussie blokes Ron Elliott and Mark Roese are heading back for a second try.


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