Adult Apprentices Make Good Business Sense

In recruiting young people to fill the many vacancies for apprenticeships in bricklaying, ABBTF finds some excellent candidates over the age of 21 years.


Bricklayer & Apprentice – What an Employer can Expect

Employing an apprentice for the first time can be an experience that employers are not always prepared for.

The expectations on both sides are not always realistic and first impressions and the approach to the relationship can be crucial to having a successful outcome.


Transition from Apprentice to Licensed Builder

Last week I had an apprentice in to discuss how to go about becoming a licensed builder. As a manager at FCTA, which is a Registered Training Organisation, I get questions like this a lot, because basically, it’s unnecessarily complicated to get information!

Each state handles the issuing of builders licences separately, with their own rules and regulations. As a result there are differences state by state, and no one website to visit. Instead each state has its own website and application procedure. In South Australia, it’s the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.


We all want a good boss – But what makes a great Bricklaying Boss?

When you first start work, one of the best things that can happen is to find you have a really great boss.

Now sometimes, there’s little chance to evaluate who you’ll be working for, but with a bricklaying apprenticeship, you might be able to get useful background through a few direct questions to your possible employer, plus, some subtle enquiries to others.


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