Hello House

You’ll learn on site from the experts …

Learning from others is quite possibly the easiest way to begin picking up a new skill because someone who is already an expert has been there before you and learnt the hard way. An expert can teach you tips and tricks on how to make the job even better or how to simplify the process associated with the skill.

Undertaking a brick and blocklaying apprenticeship and in the process learning from an expert, is without doubt the best way to gain and enhance skills. You’ll get this training onsite on a day-to-day basis with your employer and his experienced team while also attending trade school at specific times of the year during your apprenticeship.


R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying takes home the 2015 Horbury Hunt Residential Award for ‘Hello House’ for Bricklaying

I’m delighted to report that the winner of the prestigious Think Brick 2015, Horbury Hunt Residential Award went to the team of
• OOF! Architecture,
• Anthony Adams, Project Builder (of Complete Builder’s Insight) and
• Robert Fuchshofer, Bricklaying Contractor of R&K Fuchshofer Bricklaying Services.

The Award was for brickwork for the two bedroom Victorian-era home “Hello House”. Three of the four other finalists in the Residential Award were from Victoria and one was from NSW.


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