Qld Bricklaying Apprentices – Plan ahead for your Licence

Tony Bishop, ABBTF

Any apprentice brick and blocklayer in Queensland knows that when you decide to start sub-contracting in your own right, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) requires under the law that you be licenced to perform your trade. Following your 4 year Apprenticeship you are legally able to become a sub-contractor and given the work opportunities available, you just may want to commence your own business, soon after qualification. It’s therefore a wise move to start preparations early.


54% Growth in Dwelling Starts Demands More Brick-Block Apprentices

Become a Bricklayer

The Queensland construction market has been buoyed by the growth in the residential market for the past four years. HIA figures show residential dwelling starts increasing from 28,610 in 2012 to a forecast 43,980 in 2015, up 54% over 3 years. Much of this growth has been in South East Qld.

Some believe 2015 was the busiest construction year since 2007 and forecast predictions are that 2016 will prove to be just as strong as 2015, holding this level for the following year.

While Brisbane has been the focus of construction lately, it is predicted that stronger growth will be seen in regional and northern locations in 2016.


ABBTF Short Courses Produce Quality Apprentice Starters

ABBTF WA is receiving good feedback on the quality of apprentices coming from the one week short course in bricklaying.

Paul Gannon from the HIA was full of praise for the ABBTF short course. Paul said, “The only bricklaying apprentices that I have put on have come from the short course not the pre-apps and the quality of the kids has been really good, which is probably down to the selection process of you guys at ABBTF”. A number of other employers have also said how good the course has been.


Revised HIA Housing Start Forecast Reinforces Need for More Quality Bricklayers in WA

HIA economics group have revised their housing forecast (May 2014) which indicates higher levels of current and future residential construction activity than previously anticipated, with 2014 set to achieve almost 27,000 housing starts in WA!

Current building activity is expected to remain at elevated levels relative to recent history with WA driving the national new home recovery particularly in the area of commencements.


Successful SA Apprentice Jay Gerardis nominated for Apprentice of the Year

I spent this afternoon catching up with one of FCTA – Building Careers recently completed apprentices, Jay Gerardis.

Jay is 21 and has just finished his bricklaying apprenticeship and completing the training required to apply for his builders licence. In Jays words, the best reasons to become a bricklayer are ‘being able to work the hours you want, be outside, not stuck in an office’ That’s when Jay looks at me in front of my computer and adds in ‘no offence’.


Transition from Apprentice to Licensed Builder

Last week I had an apprentice in to discuss how to go about becoming a licensed builder. As a manager at FCTA, which is a Registered Training Organisation, I get questions like this a lot, because basically, it’s unnecessarily complicated to get information!

Each state handles the issuing of builders licences separately, with their own rules and regulations. As a result there are differences state by state, and no one website to visit. Instead each state has its own website and application procedure. In South Australia, it’s the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.


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