Similar Emotions and Drama for both Aussie Olympic Sports and WorldSkills Competitors

Like many people I have been very captivated by the drama and charm that is the Olympic Games.

In any discipline, from swimming to athletics, Ping Pong to weightlifting the stakes seem to be that much higher in the Olympic arena.

The same can be said for the International WorldSkills competitions where our yet to be determined National bricklayer champion will compete in 2013 in Leipzig Germany.

Emotions run high as competitors have to perform in this narrow window of opportunity after so much training and preparation.


The Real Games Start in Sydney August 30

The Olympics aren’t the only games being played this month.

The WorldSkills apprenticeship championships for the Australian national titles take place over three days in Sydney later this month and vying for top bricklayer are representatives from all States who have won their Regional WorldSkills titles.


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