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The Facts on the Bricklayer Shortage and Pay Rates

I need to correct a report on bricklayer earnings that was recently published in the Sydney Daily Telegraph and then syndicated across other press outlets in other States.

ABBTF can confirm that bricklayers do not earn $6,000 over four days, as was reported, for the reason that a bricklayer cannot physically lay 1,500 a day!


Bricklaying – A Smart Choice for a New Career or First Start

The latest national unemployment rate of 6.4% is the highest for more than 12 years with some industries shedding jobs at a time when there are more school leavers entering the job market.

The growing unemployment rate is making people re-think their career choices and they are turning to trades in the construction industry as an alternative.

Bricklaying offers a great opportunity for immediate work and it comes with training to learn the skills of the trade.


National Apprentice Pay Rates Started This Week

Individual trade apprentice pay rates under the Modern Award, across all States of Australia, came into line on 1 July 2014 with the transitional arrangement period now completed.

Employers and apprentices should check the current rates at the Fair Work Ombudsman site where a new, improved website tool “PayCheck Plus” provides access to pay rates for employers and apprentices across all trades.


New Apprentice Pay Rates – Myths and Facts

There have been a number of conflicting headlines, articles and general perceptions in the trade on the degree to which the new pay rates will impact apprentice employment and training.


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