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Female Bricklayers Prove to be Inspirational

Become a Bricklayer

A recent decision to provide an added financial incentive for bricklaying employers to take on female apprentices has focused our minds on some of the great women currently in our trade. As a result, we’ve collected and published just a few examples that reflect the wide diversity of experience and career development existing in the current crop of women in Bricklaying.

It will surprise many readers of our Blog that there are many very successful women in the trade. Some have come through family connections, for sure, but many others have recognised an opportunity to pursue a career in construction that keeps them out of doors, committed to fitness and wellbeing, working with their hands and they cleverly recognise that it’s a trade that opens doors to much advancement.


Where are the Women?

Recently it came to my attention that there are only four female apprentice bricklayers currently in training in Australia. Four!  Nationwide!  Wow. Whilst I knew the numbers would be low I was shocked to hear that it was that low.  Admittedly, there are also another six female bricklayers who have completed their training in recent […]


Let’s focus on keeping the apprentices we have

As Membership Chair of QLD National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and General Manager of a residential building company I’m an avid promoter of bringing new blood into the construction trade. With the downturn of the industry last year and the slow climb out, it’s not surprising young people are concerned about a future in the trades.

It’s hard to convince high school students to get into a trade apprenticeship because we can’t promise there’s a job out there for them at the end of their training. I am currently helping two girls – one on the Sunshine Coast and one on the Gold Coast who have their heart set on being a carpenter (I told them bricklaying is better!).


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