Todd Richards

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

There is no doubt whilst southern parts of Queensland are enjoying a building boom, our northern cousins in both Central and North Qld are feeling the flow-on effects of the business downturn in the mining and resource sector. But in true regional style the boys ‘looked on the bright side’, took the opportunity that the slowdown presented and put a big effort into Regional WorldSkills Australia.

Local teacher and WorldSkills Australia regional judge Peter Carr was pleased to once again, hold a regional final and put the best apprentices and young trades people from the area up for the challenge to represent their district at the 2016 national bricklaying finals.


Aussies at WorldSkills

It is always good to see fellow Australians when travelling overseas, but it’s even better when we are supporting our leading apprentice tradesmen and women – our Skillaroos, at such a major event that was WorldSkills in Leipzig, Germany recently.


Alan and Todd – World Class Bricklayers

It was good to see Alan Ramsden and Todd Richards sharing thoughts on bricklaying and their journey at the recent WorldSkills International Bricklaying competition in Leipzig, Germany, reported on here recently.


Qld National WorldSkills Success Drives Others to Go for Gold

Thanks to Todd Richards great win on the national stage, at the 2012 National Bricklaying WorldSkills event in Sydney, we’ve seen a strong increase in apprentices throughout Queensland keen to compete for their shot at glory.


Contractors, Trainers, Builders – Preparing for Better Times through Training

‘Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.’  How true that is.  Reflections on WorldSkills. Working in the building industry we have definitely been facing tough times – an issue since the GFC hit three years ago.  However as we know construction occurs in cycles, we have our booms and we have our lows. Neither lasts […]


Bricklaying’s National WorldSkills Winner had Never Laid a Pressed Brick Before!

A mighty battle was fought for the National title this weekend in Sydney with the victorious Gold Medal winner Todd Richards from Mackay Qld, never having once laid pressed clay bricks used for the National competition. North of Rockhampton, about 90% of masonry construction is in concrete block and the remainder in wire cut clay bricks, […]


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