Is TAFE SA Tonsley the most inspiring Building Trades campus in Australia?

Become a Bricklayer

When Tonsley campus, Clovelly Park, SA opened in January 2014, ABBTF was later invited to inspect the building and bricklayer training facilities and the team was impressed, to say the least. It’s a modern, open bricklaying centre with the space to work.

Tonsley is arguably the best place to train, based on the new $120 million state-of-the-art facility, on the former Mitsubishi Motors site. The original car manufacturing upper structure was retained overlayed by a modern industrial architectural design for the fit out.


The Art of Gaining a Bricklaying Apprenticeship

The following is advice you may wish to consider when making contact with a bricklayer for the first time, for the purpose of getting a bricklaying apprenticeship or re-engaging to an existing one.

Bricklayers are generally paid on the basis of their productivity and as such have a low tolerance for time wasters or people that do not answer or return calls or turn up late for appointments.

They also set high expectations for employees based on their own work ethic.


One Good Thing You Did Today …

Training and managing a bricklaying apprentice on the job every day is not easy. The relationship between the employer and the apprentice is built through shared experiences involving trust and commitment.

A bricklayer gave me a tip recently on how to get the best out of the apprentice and build a good relationship.


ABBTF Scholarship Aims at WorldSkills International Gold

In the international bricklaying competition in Leipzig Germany last year a new standard in quality and accuracy of brickwork was set. This was despite assigned Projects the projects becoming more complex and tougher to complete in the allotted 22 hour timeframe. The winning project (from the UK) gained a score of 89.4% which is by far the highest winning score in any former international events.

The main reason behind the outstanding work and scores is that countries are investing more resources to support the mastery of the skills required to do well in WorldSkills competitions. Countries are utilising their involvement to not only do well in the competition but also raise the standard of skills in their respective countries. It’s quite exciting.


Precision and Accuracy will ‘test the best’ WorldSkills Bricklayers

We’re pumped! The National WorldSkills, all trades competition will be held soon in WA: September 18 – 20, with around 50 trades and skills groups gathered in Perth. The bricklaying comp will be a real test of skills and competence for the 17 talented young bricklayers from across Australia vying to be the nation’s best


Learning Bricklaying from a Master Craftsman – a European tradition like no other trade

Down through the ages, the passing on of trade skills in bricklaying has relied heavily on close-at-hand coaching from a master craftsman. No other trade has such a strong dependency on the relationship between trainer and apprentice, if a true craftsman is to be developed.


First Bricklayer in Australia

As we celebrate Australia Day on 26 January, let’s acknowledge Australia’s first bricklayer, James Bloodsworth, who arrived with the First Fleet.


Rate Your Training and Improve Productivity

Rate Your Training is an online tool for employers to rate and compare the performance of Registered Training Organisations which includes TAFE’s and private RTO’s in areas such as Building & Construction – Bricklaying, plus other areas of study.


SA Bricklaying Candidates: Get Your Start in WA

We all know that the mining boom in Western Australia has attracted many young people to the short-term gains to be had in that industry up north. As a result, it has left WA’s cities short of qualified tradespeople to build the new homes and industry that are in demand as a result of the boom.


The Reality of a New Apprentice Onsite

Recently we collected a few off-the-cuff responses from some South Australian apprentices on their early impressions on the job, giving a realistic insight into what it’s like starting out in bricklaying.


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