More Profoundly Astonishing Brickwork from the Ukraine

The Annunciation Cathedral Kharkiv is a Neo-Byzantine structure built in 1888. At 80 metres high, it’s a stunning structure and the largest and tallest church in the Russian Empire.

These churches had so much energy put into them – from the design alone, the height for the bell tower, the materials. They first had to build a brickworks to make around five million bricks. The unique design incorporates so many pillars in the Neo-Byzantine effect.


A Smorgasbord of so Many Facets of Bricklaying in the Ukraine!

OK, let’s go to the Ukraine! I have to say this was an awesome trip (except for the shooting down of MH17 on the day I arrived). There is so much brick construction in Ukraine – over 90% of all construction is brickwork and I had the opportunity to visit this extremely profitable brick construction site.

Check out this full brick Cathedral, now and in the construction stages.


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