USA Bricklaying Competition

Bricklaying Apprenticeship Facebook page attracts a big fan base

We felt it’s high time to mention that the Become-a-Bricklayer national facebook page now has nearly 6000 fans following and contributing to discussions about joining the trade.


Aussie Team Challenges Again for ‘The World’s Best Bricklayer’

The USA’s annual quest to find ‘The World’s Best Bricklayer’ is on again and Aussie blokes Ron Elliott and Mark Roese are heading back for a second try.


Go!! Aussie Bricklayer in US Best Bricklayer Competition

It seems that bricklayers are a very competitive breed. Take Ron Elliott – he’s about to compete for Best Bricklayer against the best in the USA – the 16 winners from regional bricklayer events that were held during 2011 throughout the US & Canada.


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