Major changes to TAFE WA Structure

There have been rumours for some time regarding proposed changes to the make-up and structure of TAFE Colleges in Western Australia.

Earlier this week DTWD announced “Changes to TAFE in WA” through their VETinfo newsletter which can be summarised as follows:

From April 11, the existing 11 TAFE colleges and associated campuses will be managed by a reduced, streamlined structure of only five TAFE colleges.

These changes are part of the State Government’s Training Sector Reform Project, launched in October 2015 to examine the function and structure of WA’s public training sector. The project stems from an Independent review in 2013-2014 (titled Seare’s Review).


A Well-Deserved, Outstanding Apprentice: Nicholas Coci

Much has been written about 18 year old ABN Bricklaying apprentice Nicholas Coci’s accomplishments in 2014.

Some of these outstanding results include his impressive performance at the WorldSkills Australia national bricklaying competition this year where he was placed third and won the ABBTF “Gun Trowel” trophy, plus winning the WA ABBTF best direct indenture bricklaying apprentice and Best MBA and ABN overall apprentice for 2014 – to name but a few successes!


Polytechnic West and ABBTF Partner in Pathway Program

ABBTF and Polytechnic West (PWT) have again partnered to introduce bricklaying as a career, this time through the Construction Pathway Program conducted through Polytechnic West.

The project involved secondary school students from Darling Range Senior High School who last week completed a community project at Castledare Miniature Railway (a non-profit organisation). It encompassed bricklaying, paving and general site works. The training was quite extensive and therefore was conducted for two days a week, over three weeks.


260 New Bricklaying Apprentices in WA in Two Years!

In times of significant growth in residential building activity, as in Perth recently, keeping up supply of the trades, especially bricklaying is challenging. The demand for bricklayers has been very high and as a result so is the need for additional bricklaying apprentices.

As shown in the statistics, ABBTF has delivered on the challenge: As of June this year, commencements of new bricklaying apprenticeships have increased by 54%, compared to June 2013 (367 vs 239). Compared to June 2012, which was a very difficult year for our trade and industry, 2014 apprenticeship starts actually increased by a whopping 243% (367 vs 107). That’s an additional 260 new pairs of hands on tools and bricks in the last 2 years!


ABBTF Short Courses Produce Quality Apprentice Starters

ABBTF WA is receiving good feedback on the quality of apprentices coming from the one week short course in bricklaying.

Paul Gannon from the HIA was full of praise for the ABBTF short course. Paul said, “The only bricklaying apprentices that I have put on have come from the short course not the pre-apps and the quality of the kids has been really good, which is probably down to the selection process of you guys at ABBTF”. A number of other employers have also said how good the course has been.


‘Salt of the Earth’ Support from Bricklaying Industry at WorldSkills WA Made for a Great National Event

The Bricklaying WorldSkills Perth 2014 competition has come and gone in the blink of an eye! It was a wonderful exposé for Perth, WorldSkills and the greater bricklaying training industry in Western Australia.

Many people from other states and industries during the event, commented on just how organised and successful this particularly competition was. Truth be known it was due to the collective effort of a few good men and women from industry, WorldSkills and Government which made it come together to support the 14 regional competitors.


SA Bricklaying Candidates: Get Your Start in WA

We all know that the mining boom in Western Australia has attracted many young people to the short-term gains to be had in that industry up north. As a result, it has left WA’s cities short of qualified tradespeople to build the new homes and industry that are in demand as a result of the boom.


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