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The team at ABBTF prides itself on being able to connect, understand and empathise with the bricklaying trade and its apprentices.  For the office staff, the role is far more than just registering and processing subsidy claims.  Over time, valuable relationships have been built between staff and bricklayers and apprentices.

More and more bricklayers and apprentices are calling the ABBTF team for advice and support which is readily given.  Our strong relationship has also been built on retention calls to employers and apprentices to check their progress and encourage apprentices to keep learning and growing to achieve that all important qualification.  Check out all the ABBTF Resources at the website.

While it is not the role of ABBTF to case manage each employer/apprentice relationship, there can be valuable advice given as to where to go for further information and guidance.

The ABBTF team enjoy their bricklayer and apprentice contact and the question of “How’s it going?” sometimes ends up with hearing the good and not so good events on the job.  It can be a chance for the contractor to unload and share his thoughts with someone who understands, and an opportunity for the apprentice to have someone who can listen to their concerns and follow up on how their apprenticeship is going.  We especially like to hear gems like “I just started this kid and he’s a gun and will be a great bricklayer” or from an apprentice “I’m lovin’ it”.

Bricklayers and apprentices know we are a one-trade Foundation and our specialisation in brick and blocklaying makes a difference in how well we can serve them.

The great team of people running our offices that contractors will know well in each State are:

  • Jane – QLD
  • Catherine – NSW
  • Jacqui, Jeanine, Shirlee and Anne – VIC
  • Kristine – WA
  • Christine – SA & TAS

To reach any of the ABBTF team, refer to our full list of staff contacts HERE.


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