The Real Games Start in Sydney August 30

world skillsThe Olympics aren’t the only games being played this month.

The WorldSkills apprenticeship championships for the Australian national titles take place over three days in Sydney later this month and vying for top bricklayer are representatives from all States who have won their Regional WorldSkills titles.

A special feature edition of “Aussie Bricklayer” with profiles on all the Regional winners will be emailed to you soon.

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I have been involved with WorldSkills for 20 years, helping lift the profile of bricklaying and it has been a true privilege.  I’m looking forward to meeting the next generation of top Australian bricklayers at the national competition in Sydney and can’t wait to see the competitors in action.

Over my 20 years, I’ve met many outstanding young competitors that will go on to become industry leaders and enjoy further successes.  I have also shared ideas and concepts with the best teachers in Australia and the world and I love reinvesting this learning and experience into my teaching both with TAFE NSW and Worldskills Australia.

I particularly enjoy seeing the growth in competitors from young, keen apprentices and trainees to robust tradespersons ready to take on the world.

troy everettMy role with WorldSkills involves organising competitions and developing elite training programs at various levels including regional, national and international events.  Last year I was very pleased to be unanimously voted in as the Chief Expert for the International Competition in Germany, 2013. The vote was taken from international representatives from over 25 countries so it was a great honour to secure this role for myself and Australia.

ABBTF  is about to publish an Honour Roll of bricklayer National WorldSkills winners over the last 30 years, in a special national edition of Aussie Bricklayer.  You might be surprised to see that Glen Brasen representing bricklaying, won the first ever Aussie Gold medal across all trades, at the international WorldSkills in Japan in 1985, the first year our trade fielded an entrant and the second year Australia participated.

We went on to win Gold internationally in bricklaying in another two successive years but didn’t again win a medal till very recently.  Let’s hope this year’s Australian National delivers us a future international award winner but just getting to the international stage is a mighty win.  So bring it on and good luck guys!

Troy Everett
A/Head Teacher – Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mapping
TAFE NSW – Illawarra Institute, Wollongong Campus

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