The Young Wise Owl Should Buy a Trowel

Star Wars Trowel ImageWe’ve banged on a bit about trowel time lately and how a poor apprentice will leave the excellent trade of bricklaying simply because his boss is not giving him time on a trowel.  But is it always the boss’s fault?

If you want to get more trowel time at work, you’ll need to take the bull by the horn, so to speak.  You’ve got to take two steps:

1.     Open your mouth!  The boss has many things on his mind and different things every day.  Don’t think you can send him Jedi ‘mind signals’ that say “put me on the trowel”- You need to communicate your desire to get the trowel in your hand!  This leads us to requirement        Number 2.

2.     Buy yourself a trowel!  Yes take a hard earned 15 bucks (starting price), go to the tool section of your hardware store and buy yourself a trowel.  Carry that trowel with you like it’s your wallet, lunch or mobile phone, never and I repeat, young Skywalker “never be without it”.

The first day you walk onsite after buying your trowel show the thing around, let everyone know that you decided to buy with your hard earned cash, the tool with which you intend to change your life.  Why? I hear you ask.  Well if you want to be put on a trowel and you don’t have one, the boss is not going to instruct Davo who lays him 700 bricks a day and say “Hey Davo, give your trowel over to apprentice Luke Skywalker here so he can lay 100 bricks today.

You need a trowel of your own!  It’s a symbol that you mean business and that your future is in the industry.

Chances are, Davo will probably give you a shot at laying a brick as well if you’ve shown him you want to be as skilful as him.

So boys if you haven’t got a trowel of your own don’t expect one to be given to you!

Another tip:  Even if you start a pier that can be knocked down somewhere on the jobsite with some discarded bricks, the boss will know you are keen and it will help you stand out from the pack!

PS: Say gidday to Davo! Top bloke!!


John White

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