Think Twice Before Accepting the University Offer

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Many young people have been sweating on getting an offer of a University place this year. Those with an ATAR score that meets the standard course requirements are to be congratulated on their achievement.

Other young people with an ATAR score well below the standard should think twice before accepting an offer.

A recent report has revealed that many Universities are offering places to students with ATAR scores far below the course requirement in order to fill places and boost numbers.

Alternatives to University Degrees: Apprenticeships

ABBTF recognises that a University degree is a very worthwhile aspiration, one held by most young people and parents. However, the reality is, that there is a cohort of quality young people who would be better suited to a trade and would achieve a successful, fulfilling and rewarding career entering the construction industry through an apprenticeship pathway.

In making this important decision, consider the following:

  • Is your score good enough to successfully complete a degree? The offer could lead to failure, through no fault of your own.
  • 15% of University students do not complete first year.
  • An early exit from University will still incur a HECS-HELP debt, with nothing to show for it.
  • You could lose a year in your education which you could have spent in an apprenticeship where you are better suited.
  • If you are successful in gaining a degree through the hard work necessary from a low starting point be aware that only 33% of graduates get a job immediately after graduating.
  • An apprenticeship in bricklaying is available now – there are currently 200 vacancies.
  • You’ll be Paid to Learn but also be eligible for a Trade Support Loan of up to $20,000.
  • The current skill shortage in bricklaying offers many training, employment and business opportunities.
  • A bricklaying qualification is an ideal pre-requisite to progress towards becoming a qualified, licenced builder with a University qualification.

If you have a low ATAR score, enjoy the outdoors and working with your hands, Bricklaying is a great option to consider when weighing up the value of the University course. Give us a call on 1300 30 44 77 or complete our Enquiry Form to arrange a Work Ready try-out and experience the Freedom this trade has to offer.

Geoff Noble

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