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Main Image & CaptionAs the year draws to a close, there is no doubt that 2015 has seen some of the best building and construction figures in recent years in Queensland and all forecasters are predicting this level to be maintained for the next few years.

ABBTF supports these forecasts and has been busy sourcing candidates for our Work Ready Programs (WRP). Our WRP’s are a great way for a candidate to gain knowledge on what it takes to be an apprentice in the Brick and Blocklaying industry. Similar Work Ready programs are held by ABBTF around Australia.

ABBTF Qld WRP’s are designed to give candidates higher entry level skills than someone who simply walks up to start an apprenticeship, with no exposure to the industry. Candidates come from various situations such as school referrals, seeing the Become a Bricklayer website or ABBTF Qld Facebook page, referrals from a friend or family and so on. ABBTF staff review their suitability before putting them into the course. In this way the screening process is partly done for the employer who then gives the applicant a try out.

We don’t ‘create’ an apprentice at the WRP’s. What we try to achieve is to provide a keen, suitable candidate ready to undertake an apprenticeship in our industry with the preparedness skills they can use from day one on the job.

With the school year almost up, we expect to see more good young people considering our Work Ready Programs, who will have the opportunity to ensure they are well prepared for the trade.

School leavers are ideal candidates and see an apprenticeship as the next step in their education to take on a trade such as bricklaying, and potentially a career path in the construction industry.

Employers seeking to increase their apprentice numbers should Contact Brian Munns at ABBTF today to discuss suitable candidates, by calling locally on 07 3205 5559 or on 1300 66 44 96. The financial incentives for taking on an apprentice are considerable at $7000+ with many direct incentives also available to the apprentice and significant ABBTF Resources to call on.

Tony Bishop
ABBTF Queensland Manager

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