Trystan Sammut does Australia Proud with Bronze Medal on World Stage

Trystan Sammut Bricklaying Bronze Medal at Worldskills InternationalTrystan Sammut Bricklaying Bronze Medal at Worldskills InternationalThe industry is hugely excited and proud of bricklaying’s Team effort at Abu Dhabi 2017, led by Trystan Sammut, qualified bricklayer from Ballarat, Victoria who took out Bronze in WorldSkills International this week.  This follows his win in the Bricklaying competition at WorldSkills Australia and his selection as one of just 18 young Skillaroo’s to represent Australia this year in the event.  Trystan was fortunate to have his family with him to support him and celebrate his great performance and a host of fans back home urging him on through social media.

Trystan and Troy Everett and all the background team have worked incredibly hard in the lead-up to this peak world competition and they and the industry can be very proud that, because of their united performance, Australia is recognised as one of the top three bricklayer training countries in the world.

If we are to retain this excellent record, the industry needs many more young apprentices to put their hand up to Trystan Sammut with Troy Everett WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017participate in Regional WorldSkills Australia in the future, so let’s all get behind this.

WorldSkills Australia met its objective for Abu Dhabi with Australia finishing in the top 10 countries in the world based on overall results and securing 4 medals.  Other medals awarded to Australian Skillaroos include the Silver medal to Bradley Ingham – Industrial Mechanic and the Bronze medal to Lily Campbell – Beauty Therapy.  Hairdresser Gaby Ware from NSW won Best in Nation, scoring the highest overall individual result across the whole Australian team.  Our congratulations go to all winners, their teams and participants.

The following video of the last few minutes of Trystan finishing off the competition certainly helps convey the excitement and support.  Further images are available at

Here it is all, the last few minutes of Trystan finishing off the competition! Enjoy!

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  1. Ryan cook

    Looks heaps good, wouldn’t mind doing brick laying as an apprentice but that’s totally up to you guys and your bosses so yeah


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