Valuable Training Off-the-Job
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We are getting feedback from the bricklaying industry on the benefits of training off the job.

We have seen a more flexible approach to training in recent years with a better blend of on-site and off-site training and assessment.  This has been welcomed as skills gained in a building and construction environment can be recognised by assessors on-site and therefore reduce the time an apprentice spends off the job.

We’ve also seen that attendance at an off-site training facility provides other valuable aspects of training.  Apprentices have access to a number of skilled and qualified bricklayer trainers.  They also benefit from learning in a team and can relate to other apprentices in their year level or higher.

Off-site training also has the advantage of protection from the weather so there are never disruptions or delays to the training.  In many cases there is also flexibility in providing training for apprentices during inclement weather.

Training facilities at TAFE or other Registered Training Organisations also provide extensive equipment, floor space and a range of concrete masonry and clay products to improve skills on more complex projects required as part of decorative face brickwork.  If you’re not familiar with the names and locations of TAFE’s and RTO’s, check Locations in Your State Directory here at the website.

In many training centres, state of the art class rooms make it easier for apprentices to gain the necessary knowledge on bricklaying.  This is the best learning environment for the theory content of the course.  To compliment this, some RTO’s now also offer online training and assessment systems.

Employers appreciate that off-site training shares the load of training their apprentices, giving them more productive time on the job, a more well-grounded apprentice and therefore, financially a better outcome than achieved using onsite assessment.

If you have a query on this or other aspects of how an apprenticeship in bricklaying works, reply to this blog by clicking ‘Comment’ just under the title of this blog.  Cheers.

Geoff Noble
General Manager, ABBTF


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