Vic Employers – Access the $4,000 Start Up Grant!
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An apprentice employment ‘Start-up Grant’ of $4,000 is now available to Sub-Contractor Bricklayers and Builders in Victoria.

If you’re considering putting on an Apprentice Bricklayer, now is a great timeThe Victorian Government has new funding to encourage employers to take on a Bricklaying Apprentice and other trades apprentices.  The additional $4,000 adds to the $3,000 ABBTF Brickstart Subsidy and the Federal Government’s Commencement and Completion Support payment of $4,000The total wage and allowances support over the life of the Apprenticeship is now therefore $11,000, making it good business sense to put on an Apprentice right now.

In addition, hiring before 31 December 2013 will also allow you to take advantage of the current Apprentice wage rates as these are due to rise in 2014. 

As well as the financial support, ABBTF can assist to help employers select the right, work-ready apprentice for the particular business.  I have also mentioned many times, but it is worth repeating – every employer need a plan for quickly skilling-up the new apprentice through getting him on the trowel early work and in this way rapidly making the apprentice productive and adding value to the business.

There are certain eligibility criteria applying to the Grant, including being a small to medium business, having the apprentice (aged between 15 and 25 years) enrolled in the Bricklaying Apprenticeship Certificate course and offering him sustainable employment for the duration of the apprenticeship.  The role must be full-time, which is at least 30 hours a week and a copy of the first payslip is to be provided showing he is paid at least the weekly award-based wage.  Within the first 16 weeks of employment offsite training must be arranged with proof of enrolment and payment provided.  It’s that simple.

All you need to know to take up the offer is HERE at this website or call me or Victorian Field Representative Michael Taylor at ABBTF and we’ll explain how we can help and will get you started.   Here are our contact details:

ABBTF Victorian Manager

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