War Against Work

Have you sent your kids off to War yet?

The laws of supply and demand are fundamental to a democratic society and are the foundations of all commercial decision making. The laws of supply and demand are currently playing a big part of the reality of our country’s job market.Unemployed

The Masonry Contractors Association of NSW & ACT  “War Against Work” article published recently on their website asks the question “Have you sent your children to War yet?” this article relays a sentiment by many working in the employment sector and puts the issue forward in a new and different light.

John White

2 Responses to “War Against Work”

  1. Julian

    I think it is important to point out that supply and demand have absolutely nothing to do with a democratic society – I think he meant to write capitalisim society.
    Democracy is an ideology, supply and demand is a economic theory, there is a HUGE and extremely important difference.

  2. Julian

    That article War Against Work really tells like it is, can he hard to accept at first but it is totally making a very valid point. The media perpetuates this idea of attaining more to be happy without reminding us that those who wish to be entitled to more must earn it.


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