What do Cannington, Duncraig and Perth have in common?

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Career Expos which feature bricklaying’s highly regarded “Try a Trade” hands on experience are coming to town at schools in Cannington and Duncraig and to the Perth Convention Centre over the next while.  These are opportunities not to be missed.  Ongoing feedback tells us we have the best exhibition on offer to learn and try out a trade with the prospect of undertaking a Bricklaying Apprenticeship.

We couple the ‘taster’ Try a Trade with expert advice from experienced and very helpful trainers from across the industry and so have a perfect environment for not only obtaining succinct, accurate information, but in many cases beginning the process of embarking on a solid career trajectory!

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This introductory ‘taste’ of bricklaying, is one of our most effective marketing tools at ABBTF, aimed at attracting young men and women to consider trade training.  “Try a Trade” (inclusive of our schools based ‘Step Out’ Program) provides a window into an outdoors, craft-based trade career that has a wealth of future development opportunities that are generally not well understood in the community.

Bricklaying is an Income Builder with Wages You’ll Like.

The Try a Trade scenario is typical of most of our supported Careers Expos (check out the schedule of Expos) which are running in WA at present. The most recent major careers expo which ABBTF participated in was the Exhibit Careers Expo at the Perth Convention Centre, Thursday the 12th to 15th of May, which attracted over 10,000 visitors (Images from the Bricklaying team are here).

Trying Bricklaying for the first time can be a little daunting for some – managing the mud and handling the brick correctly.  However, most people warm to the activity in a very short period, once engaged.

Ex ABN App Kye Sutherland 2016 wth captionThis is helped by the fact that we have been supported over the years by keen and sometimes buffed young apprentices upfront on the Try a Trade benches, offering their insight into trade training.  Kye Sutherland Ex ABN Group Apprentice is again helping out on ABBTF’s stand in Expos, ready to answer questions about bricklaying from interested visitors. Why Bricklaying?

In addition to the important Try a Trade program, a key strategy is longer term courses of two year trade training programs, such as the school based CTF Construction Trades Pathways Program.

Despite the current slowdown in building activity the prospects for future growth and the need for quality trades remains a key focus for Western Australia.

I can say with some surety that Career Expos will remain an important marketing component for the ABBTF in WA for many years to come.   To see more photos and videos of our helpers, staff and participants that attended the May Perth Careers Expo 2016 event, check out the WA Facebook page.  Call 1300 30 44 77 and Email for more information.


Dean Pearson
ABBTF WA Manager




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