Where will I find my future freedom, in mining or construction?

Brickie and dog 2With all the talk of the mining boom, the federal government has released some interesting new figures to put the mining industry in perspective with other industries.

In Australia, the construction industry employs over 1 million workers.  It’s one of the three largest employing industries along with retail and healthcare.  At FCTA (a leading Registered Training Organisation in SA) we have many students talking about getting in on the mining boom.

For some, this is a great opportunity, for others it means long working hours, time spent away from family and friends and increased rates of violence, gambling and drinking problems.  More information about the ‘dark side’ of the mining boom can be found in these articles from The AustralianWA Today, & The Queensland University of Technology website.

In contrast, the construction industry offers many people the ability to become their own boss, and manage their work around their family and social priorities. Over the five years to November 2011, employment in Construction increased by 10.7% (or 100,700).

This growth was mainly driven by Construction Services (up by 47,500) and Building Construction (21,700). Construction employment is expected to rise by 131,200 (or 12.6%) over the next five years, with most new jobs expected to continue to be created in Construction Services.

For a full review of employment prospects in various industries in the next few years, download the new DEEWR report, Australian Jobs 2012.

For people interested in working in the construction industry, FCTA – Building Careers in South Australia has pre-apprenticeship courses, including bricklaying, commencing July 30th and October 15th.

Trisch Baff, Marketing & Project Manager,
FCTA – Building Careers

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