Will the National Gun Trowel Go Forward to the WorldSkills Nationals Again?

Gun Trowel Winner Matthew ChesoIf you’re in Adelaide, the WorldSkills regional competition is coming up on Wednesday August 21, at TAFESA Gilles Plains Campus and there’s a real competition happening. Dallas Kelvin, Adelaide’s Regional WorldSkills Events Coordinator said Adelaide is THE region for this important competition in SA. It’s open to the public and with 12 contenders for the title, you’re bound to see some fast, interesting and quality construction if you’d like to get along.

The 2012 SA Regional winner, Matthew Cheso won the WorldSkills ‘Gun Trowel’ speed event at the Nationals and will be competing again in the Regionals. “There are at least a couple of SA guys that will give him a run for his money in the Regional event”, Dallas Kelvin predicts.

The other SA regions, South East & Spencer aren’t large enough to warrant their own event at present. WorldSkills Regional competitions are another great way to see an aspect of the bricklaying trade. Eric Parletta is the designer of the Regional competition this year and is based at TAFESA Gilles Plains Campus. Dallas says “He is a young, keen and enthusiastic person and is perfect for the job. He was involved in Judging at the Nationals in Sydney last year and is also our current team leader for the ‘Golden Trowel’ competition.”

There’s also a BBQ and Pizza Oven operating most of the afternoon for employers, family and friends of competitors. Judges will be selected from the industry and education.

SA bricklaying has some excellent “Facebook” pages worth a look. In Facebook, search these:
Bricklaying TAFESA, TAFESA Pre-Voc Bricklaying, Tiling & Plastering, WorldSkills Adelaide


Geoff Noble
General Manager, ABBTF

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