Work Ready Program on Monday, Apprenticeship by Friday!
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Chan Lawng Sung only started his Work Ready Program weeks ago, but if you ask for him today, you’ll find him on site hard at it.

Chan completed his Work Ready Program at Swinburne Croydon on 12th June. Just six days later on the 18th, he had started a trial with LVL Bricklaying Pty Ltd where they saw great potential and not long after, was signed as an official apprentice by 20th June.

Chan’s story goes to show, if you work hard and are motivated, nothing is out of reach. Chan now has the opportunity to enjoy the great road ahead of him that bricklaying has to offer!

Chan Lawng Sung on site with Michael Taylor (Senior Field Officer – ABBTF Vic)

If Chan’s story has motivated YOU to move into a well paid and satisfying career choice, we offer Work Ready Programs in each state across Australia.

We encourage all bricklaying apprentices to think of the big picture – there are so many different career path opportunities available once you have your qualification.

A bricklaying apprenticeship DOES NOT mean you’ll be laying bricks for the rest of your life. It is simply the first step in a career in the building and construction industry. Do your time as a #brickie and then go on to be a builder, a supervisor, a foreman, a project manager or a construction manager. To sign up for a Work Ready Program or for more information click here

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