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Learning from others is quite possibly the easiest way to begin picking up a new skill because someone who is already an expert has been there before you and learnt the hard way. An expert can teach you tips and tricks on how to make the job even better or how to simplify the process associated with the skill.

Undertaking a brick and blocklaying apprenticeship and in the process learning from an expert, is without doubt the best way to gain and enhance skills. You’ll get this training onsite on a day-to-day basis with your employer and his experienced team while also attending trade school at specific times of the year during your apprenticeship.

Gaining good quality skills is so important in building your career and can open many doors over time, as other trades’ people recognise your quality work. The world is becoming smaller and the essential skills of labour to meet the demands of an ever-growing population means a quality certificate is once again becoming a basic requirement that you can’t be without. Get the bricklaying qualification qualification and expert training under your belt and the sky’s the limit.

Consumers want more in their buildings these days, as is clearly evident in the recent Think Brick Awards 2015 Horbury Hunt Residential Winner – Hello House:

“The Hello House is a renovation and extension of a Victorian era shop/house to accommodate a family home and art studio/workshop. Sitting on a corner opposite the neighbourhood hub of activity – the local cafe – the house embraces its mini-civic role by offering passers-by a friendly greeting in the form of a bright Hello in toothy white face brickwork.”

With more and more projects like this coming online the need for skills will only increase.

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