Employer FAQ’s

We have put together some resources to assist employers new to the Become a Bricklayer Jobs Board platform to quickly and simply register and post their current positions. The topics cover all of the basic information you’ll need to get started, including creating a login, posting a job and viewing applications.


This platform is 100% free to use and is designed to assist the bricklaying industry, so we encourage you to get in touch on 1300 66 44 96 if you have any questions or require assistance in posting your current position vacancies.


Why should I list my job on Jobs Board, how will this platform help me?

Jobs Board offers free posting of jobs and can help you recruit the right candidate via this platform.


Will my ad appear immediately?

To ensure that job ads are accurate and credible, all ads will be reviewed by ABBTF staff first, before they are uploaded on the Jobs Board.


My job has been pending for a few days, is something wrong?

Please allow 3 – 5 business days for us to respond to the listing request.


How long do ads run for?

30 days.


How can I edit or remove my ad?

If you require updating, please email us at abbtf@abbtf.com.au


I have more questions and would like to speak to someone

Please contact us at 1300 66 44 96 or email abbtf@abbtf.com.au


Will my personal info be released?

Your personal information will be protected and will not be released without your consent.

Interested in trying Bricklaying? Then please contact us on 1300 66 44 96