Incentives and Subsidies

There are a number of incentives and subsidies available for business owners who take on a bricklaying apprentice. The exact subsidies that your business is able to apply for will vary depending on your state, the age of your apprentice and a number of other factors. Please download our state subsidy guides below and for more information, please get in touch with  Become a Bricklayer (ABBTF).

Terms and Conditions for ABBTF Subsidies:

  • Must register with ABBTF within 3 months of the apprentice commencement.
  • The apprentice must be employed under the National Employment & Training Contract and you agree to abide by the required terms and conditions.
  • The apprentice must be provided with a weekly pay slip showing the following: Gross income, tax and nett income, accrued sick leave and annual holiday leave.
  • Provide the apprentice with written/printed proof quarterly on company and employee superannuation contributions.
  • Ensure the apprentice attends off-site training at TAFE or an approved RTO and achieves satisfactory results for their year level.
  • Give the apprentice the specified training time as per the National Employment and Training Contract including trowel time and training on the job to ensure the apprentice is deemed competent by their TAFE/RTO.
  • Teach the apprentice the skills of labouring, but do not use the apprentice as a labourer.

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