Become a Bricklayer – FAQs

How much are bricklaying courses?

This ultimately depends on which TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO) you go to, plus what subsidies you’re entitled to. To see RTOs near you, course costs and subsidy information, visit our RTO and TAFE Locator tool. You can also read more about the government schemes, subsidies and ABBTF incentives available to apprentice brickies here.

How to learn bricklaying?

Learning bricklaying as a profession in Australia is done through trade certification and apprenticeships, usually a Certificate III in Brick / Blocklaying. More information about trade certification is available here. For a hands-on session to see if bricklaying is for you, read about Try-a-Trade experiences and the Work Ready Program.

Where to learn bricklaying?

Bricklaying is taught at Registered Training Organisations (RTO), but you can try your hand at it during a Work Ready Program as well. Visit our RTO and TAFE Locator tool to find a registered training organisation near you offering trade certificate programs in bricklaying.

What does bricklaying involve?

In addition to laying blocks and mortar, a standard day for a bricklayer includes working brick cutting machines, reading plans and specifications, sealing foundations, building arches and even repairing bricks and structures. Further, many experienced bricklayers move on to project management as builders later in their career. Read more about what’s involved in bricklaying.

How hard is bricklaying?

Bricklaying requires lots of physical work in the sun but should come naturally to anyone who enjoys staying fit and working with their hands. It is certainly a skill that requires professional teaching and experience, but it’s most certainly rewarding once you get the grasp of it. Learn about what makes a good bricklayer to see if bricklaying is right for you.

What is a bricklaying apprenticeship?

To become a qualified bricklayer in Australia, you must complete an apprenticeshio. Bricklaying apprenticeships include two parts: on-site paid training from a qualified bricklayer, plus offsite training from a TAFE or RTO. These typically take three years in most states. Learn more about Australian apprenticeships, including bricklaying apprenticeships.

Is bricklaying a good job?

Bricklaying allows you to work in the outdoors pretty much anywhere in the country, or the world. With an aging workforce, bricklaying offers competitive wages with a surplus of work to be expected nearly everywhere around Australia. If you like staying fit, feeling a sense of pride in your finished work, or want to pursue stable work with plenty of future career opportunities (such as a builder or project manager), bricklaying might be the perfect job for you.

I’m a bricklayer looking to move to Australia

Bricklayers are in dire need in Australia and there’s plenty of work available to those looking for a sea change. Qualified bricklayers from overseas have their ticket to a visa and secure work in Australia. See more information about migration to Australia as a bricklayer.

I’m a bricklayer looking to join a gang

We keep an up-to-date list for apprentices and qualified bricklayers with job offerings for from employers all across Australia, available here. In addition, be sure to look at SEEK and other job listing sites regularly.

What is a bricklayer salary?

The final salary for a qualified bricklayer depends on a number of factors, including experience and market demand for bricklaying. Fortunately, there’s plenty of surplus demand for bricklaying in Australia and full-time qualified bricklayers can earn between $50,000 and $100,000, with many using their experience to become builders or project managers and earning even more. Visit here for more information on apprentice wages.

Is a bricklayer a builder?

Qualified bricklayers aren’t automatically builders, but many do go on to become project managers and builders later in their career. Bricklaying provides you with good foundational knowledge on the structural underpinnings of buildings, as well as how to read from plans. See an example of how many bricklayers become builders.

Bricklayer course near me

Our handy TAFE / RTO locator tool can help you find a bricklayer course near you, plus there’s Try-a-Trade experiences and the Work Ready Program for a hands-on experience to see if bricklaying is the right career for you.

Bricklayer apprenticeship training near me

We periodically update our site with paid apprenticeship opportunities. In addition to looking on job sites like SEEK, you can give the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation a call on 1300 664 496 for info and assistance in finding an apprenticeship near you.


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