Young Women! Join the Construction Trade with a Bricklaying Apprenticeship

You’re a Confident and Fit Woman, You Love the Outdoors and Working with your Hands

You’ll not be trapped by society’s norms or female career gender stereotypes…

Young Women! Why not consider becoming a female apprentice in bricklaying?

For the independent female with a can-do attitude, the construction industry offers many long term quality career opportunities. Women can get their start in bricklaying and stay in the trade with great success or move through to building, project management, site management and much more as you identify your chosen direction while working with other trades.

Recently qualified female Bricklaying Apprentice Tori Lea has a great attitude and confidence. Coming from the mining sector, she is well accustomed to hard work and personal discipline.


Introducing Inspirational Female Bricklayer Success Stories

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Female Apprenticeship

Renee Howie

Renee is adamant’ there is plenty of room for women in this industry’. NSW MBA Apprentice of the Year 2004 and qualified bricklayer since 2004, Renee is a partner in Howie Masonry and employs her own apprentice. Her previous employer was Mirvac Homes; Fugen was her host employer. Visit Howie Masonry on Facebook.

Female Apprentice Gemma Blakemore

Gemma Blakemore

Gemma was a real trailblazer for women in bricklaying in WA: confident, intelligent and a great personality. Financially and reputation wise, she’s a great success and says “bricklaying has been an important part of my life’s journey, setting me up for the future”.

Apprenticeship Success Stories

Kayla Fiamengo

Kayla Fiamengo from Tyabb in Victoria is a Year 3 Bricklaying Apprentice and a key member of Chris Reid’s bricklaying gang. As a Year 1 apprentice, she assisted ABBTF with Careers Expos advice. With a strong determination and a will to win, she broke through some initial gender bias and has proven her skills are as good as the best of any apprentice!

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Women in Bricklaying

Emma Burgess

Emma came to bricklaying at 26. Now as a Year 2 bricklaying apprentice for Home Group WA she’s breaking records! This year she’s winner of WA’s MBA Most outstanding Direct Indentured Apprentice Award, was a Finalist in MBA’s Apprentice of the year (overall), ABBTF/MBA Most Outstanding Brick & Blocklaying Apprentice (Direct) Finalist and MBA Most Outstanding Female apprentice. Go girl!

Female Apprenticeship Opportunities

Danealle Geddes

Danealle is an independent qualified bricklayer. She was the first female bricklaying apprentice to compete in the much celebrated WorldSkills Australia Perth Regional Competition in 2013. Her energy, effort and willingness to have a crack and her application were highly praised and recognised, especially by her employer ABN Training and RTO Trades North.

Female Bricklaying Apprentice

Suzie Walsh

Suzie Walsh is a qualified ACT bricklayer in partnership with her husband in Sound Bricklaying. She says ‘have a go girls! If you have a strong and positive character so you can stand up for yourself, it’s a real plus. Suzie believes that learning to do things cleverly and building your body strength gradually, makes successful female bricklayers.

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Female Bricklayers

Lynne Sheffield

As a single mum in ACT, Lynne was determined not to take the dole but to be employed and be a good role model for her kids. To get started she did onsite labouring at 23 years, but kept chasing an apprenticeship and ultimately succeeded. Still she had to prove herself, as she moved from learning in blocklaying to the detailed needs of bricklaying. With this experience Lynne went on to become a bricklayer trainer both at TAFE and private colleges.

Women bricklayers

Sheree Canham

Great ‘Sheree moments’ in her career include a job at Bowral, NSW, where arches and brickwork had to blend an existing old style building, completing her first house on her own, competing at WorldSkills Australia in bricklaying in Yr 1 and signing on her first apprentice. Her advice to women starting out: “Make sure you enjoy and take pride in what you achieve and don’t give up at the first roadblock!”

Bricklaying woman

Stacey Rimene

While Stacey isn’t a qualified bricklayer, she spent time on the trowel as a bricklayer in Qld. She knows a lot about the trade and encourages both genders to join bricklaying. Now a manager at building company, Good Life Homes in WA, Stacey regularly mentors young apprentices. While she’s in a different construction role today, along the way she’s given enormously to our trade.

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The information on the above women in bricklaying is current at January 2016.

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