Apprenticeship Opportunities.

Real Skills for the Real World
Join one of our free bricklaying work ready programs to find out if an apprenticeship in bricklaying is a good fit for you. The 4 and 5-day programs allow you to get a feel for the trade and help you decide if a career in the building and construction industry – starting with an apprenticeship in bricklaying – is a career path that you’d like to consider.
After the program finishes, if you are interested in learning more, Become a Bricklayer can help find you an employer and place you in an apprenticeship.

During the Work Ready Program you will learn basic skills in a hands-on environment:

  • General trowel skills & laying bricks
  • Bricklaying hand tools & using rake jointers & roll joiners
  • How to build brick walls, piers & use frame ties
  • Correct set up & operation of a concrete mixer
  • How to make Mortar batches correctly
  • How to set a job up & basic labouring skills
  • Plan and organise work
  • OH&S work site basics & communication skills

2019 Work Ready Programs
Upcoming Key Dates :


For more information about Work Ready Program’s locations, dates etc. contact us on 1300 66 44 96

We have employers nationally looking to take on an apprentice. Successful candidates will be put in touch with these employers and in some cases employers may meet with you during the program. Limited places are on offer and only genuine candidates will be chosen by Become a Bricklayer to participate.

Protective clothing and steel cap / work boots

Start Time:
Programs run 8am-4pm each day
These programs run every 3-4 weeks nationally.


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