Jobs are Available. Am I Right for Bricklaying?

HeroImageOffsite Training, matched with Onsite Training, provides a balance of theoretical and applied learning

Good tradespeople are waiting to open the door for the right person a start in a career in bricklaying and construction. However, there are a few very important things you need to consider before contacting us for more information:

  • You need to be ready and willing to listen and learn
  • The apprenticeship requires that you turn up each day, and on time
  • You need to demonstrate a genuine interest (Have you helped out in any way on a worksite in the past, for example?)
  • You may participate in a short ‘work-ready’ introductory course to familiarise yourself with the trade

Read the great info on the trade at the website.

Apprentice Bricklayers are in High Demand, in contrast to trades like Hospitality or Automotive

High quality bricklaying apprentices are in demand due to the increasing level of building activity recently. This is a great time for motivated young people to start an apprenticeship. Many employers are keen to sign on and train new apprentices who are genuinely ready and interested in learning a trade.

Fill in the form at the website, to discuss whether you’re a good fit for a Bricklaying Apprenticeship.

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