Are you qualified in bricklaying and want the Australian climate and lifestyle?

Bricklaying in the Australian climate is nice work … and the door is now wide open. Are you a qualified bricklayer who would you like to temporarily work or permanently migrate and work in Australia? For an outdoor trade like bricklaying, the warm Australian summer and mild winters of the southern hemisphere have a lot to offer. Opportunities for outback travel, endless sporting choices and the relaxed lifestyle, suit most bricklayers. Bringing a family? The standard of living is high – excellent earnings, housing, education and healthcare. Culturally, Australia is one of the most stable and tolerant nations, welcoming people of all walks of life.

Australia Needs Migrant and Visa-entry Bricklayers

There is a skills shortage of bricklayers in Australia, resulting from improved housing starts, an ageing bricklayer workforce and low apprenticeship commencements. Bricklaying remains on the Commonwealth Government’s Skilled Occupations List. This enables skilled bricklayers to apply for Permanent Residency Skilled Migration Visas. These Permanent Visa applications can be made independently (Subclass 189) or the application can be sponsored by an Australian employer (Subclass 190).

The demand for bricklayers has seen an increase in workers arriving in Australia through a Sponsored 457 Visa. This enables a worker to stay on a temporary basis of three to four years.

Skilled Bricklayer Visa Categories

There are several ways to come to Australia as a skilled bricklayer and you can lodge your application from home. Visit the Department of Home Affairs website, Visa Options to start or go directly to various categories shown below.

Skills Assessment Requirement

Bricklayers need to be qualified in their country of origin and need to satisfy a skills assessment equivalent ranking to meet the full Australian bricklaying and blocklaying qualification, Certificate III. The Australian Skills Recognition service provides information on assessing your qualifications, skills and experience. Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) provides skills assessments and assistance for migration and skills recognition purposes. Working and Skilled Visas The Home Affairs website includes the full list Australian Visas currently available including Skilled Independent and Temporary Work Visas. You can also use the Visa Finder tool if you are unsure which Visa is right for you. This will assist with short and long term skilled and sponsored, business, investment and working holidays. Permanent Residency options and Study and Travel options are also detailed here.