Be My Own Boss


Leader of the pack

So you put in the groundwork as an apprentice bricklayer.

You successfully complete your apprenticeship and become part of a bricklaying gang. There’s always work available and it never gets boring because you get to work on different jobs and earn a decent wage each week.

Life’s pretty good. You’ve got yourself a nice ride, a cool pad to chill in – enough time to enjoy out with your mates, spoil your other half – and splurge a little bit on yourself too.

Everything’s cruising along nicely and then… you start to want …maybe a little bit more?

You get on well with your boss, but you can’t help but think:

“Hmmm… I reckon I could lead my own gang and run my own jobs”

And you could.

As a qualified bricklayer becoming your own boss is the next building block available to you.

You won’t just be building structures anymore – you’ll be building your own business.

With regular work available and the choice to work for whom and where you wish; running your own bricklaying business, brings you another step closer to finding your future freedom.

Hire your own labourer and even other brickies to form your own bricklaying gang. Now that you’re the boss, you can even take on apprentices too – just like you were one once!

And if you play your cards right you’ll find you won’t even be known as a bricklayer anymore – you’ll be known as a professional builder and getting rewarded accordingly.

Looking to become your own boss…?

Then find your future freedom – and become a bricklayer.

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