Because You Care You’ll Consider a Bricklaying Apprenticeship

Bricklaying Apprenticeship

As a parent you want the best for your child. Allowing him or her to finish school without a path that will lead to a skilled career is not for you. Bricklaying is an Apprenticeship that opens doors to many satisfying and rewarding trades, to senior construction management roles or running your own business.

Research tells us that over half our apprentices come into bricklaying on the advice of someone close to them, family or friends or through knowing a bricklayer. These recommendations come from people who care and, like you, have the best interests of the young person at heart. However, there are many more parents who want the best for their kids, but unfortunately they’re still hanging on to old myths about our trade – that it’s too physically hard, dirty, or for dummies, without career prospects and so on – all of which are just plain and simply not true.

Some facts which are explained on this website:

Valuable Qualification

  • The 3 (or 4 year in some States) apprenticeship is a valuable qualification under the dual training of a quality onsite employer or trainer and a training college teacher. The Certificate III can be a basis for further study and career progression in Construction, if desired and for ongoing employment

Physical Strength

  • Physical strength is built progressively but equally, technique, tools, training and modern practice mean today’s trade is neither too hard nor too dirty.

Demand for skilled bricklayers

  • ‘Fashion’ trends in building will come and go but brick construction continues to adapt brilliantly to contemporary designs and is a sustainable building material for the future – the demand for skilled bricklayers is as strong as ever.

Attractive base wages and entitlemenets

  • Very attractive base Wages and Entitlements are tightly supervised and prescribed under the Fair Work Modern Award, ensuring fair pay and treatment of apprentices.

Much, much, more…

  • There’s much more to this trade than constructing walls. A quick look at the subjects covered in the Bricklaying Certificate III course at Training Organisation websites will prove this point.

So, if you want a trade for your son, or your daughter, one that satisfies:
A love of the outdoors, A need for staying fit, An eagerness to learn and to work with their hands, Don’t pass up the opportunity to make enquires about Bricklaying.

If this looks interesting and your son or daughter is keen to learn more, get them to complete the Form below.

As a parent, if you’d like to discuss Bricklaying as a Career, Call Us on 1300 30 44 77, or talk to a bricklayer or a TAFE teacher.

A Bricklaying Apprenticeship will also provide stability, continuity, mentoring and friendships for young people, at what can be a very challenging stage of life.

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A Fair Training Wage and Government Incentives Support Apprentices

Apprentices have the benefit of a regular job and being paid while they learn (on and offsite), unlike university students who pay fees and receive no income until studies are completed and a job is secured. A full adult wage is paid on completion of the Apprenticeship with many employers paying above the Award rate. The old perception of low apprentice wages has been quashed by recent apprentice wage rulings delivering excellent starting rates. See Apprentice Pay and Conditions.

There are many other financial incentives, such as Trade Support Loans of up to $20,000 from the Federal Government. See Apprentice Incentives and visit the State Pages. These great incentives, plus a good training wage, gives young people a great start in a skilled trade.

Taking the next step

If a young Bricklaying Apprentice is keen, ready to learn and especially if he or she likes to do a really good job at everything, a future in the building industry is guaranteed. There is strong demand for good people to be trained to construct the homes and commercial buildings of the future.

Sounds interesting? Check out our website topics here, including Bricklaying, the Apprenticeship Training course and the Freedom that this career choice offers. Many Career Pathways flow once the Certificate III is completed!

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