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ABBTF is involved with schools around Australia, providing opportunities for students to participate in the ‘Step- Out’ and ‘Try-a-Trade’ programmes at school and at Career Expos. Over 2500 students have participated in the ‘Step-Out’ Programme this year.

Careers Advisors will be aware of the popular ‘Become a Bricklayer’ Expo stand and may have observed student’s enjoyment of the hands-on trial activity at one of many Careers Expos held throughout the school year.

ABBTF offers schools a wide range of information resources to enable students to explore Bricklaying as an apprenticeship choice as a first step into Building and Construction: 

Introduction to Career Choices – Class Lesson

This classroom support project titled ‘Introduction to Career Choices in Australia‘, designed by ABBTF for approximately Year 10 level, enables teachers and advisors to introduce students to the process of considering alternative career directions. It helps them evaluate their preferences and suitability, reflecting on their interests to date and aids them in shaping questions on how to make choices. The on or off line questionnaire format for student completion is supported by preparatory class notes.

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Students & Parents can obtain information here

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