Career Pathway Choices

Here’s a handy tool to help you decide which construction industry path is best for you: the Trade route or a University course.

In this Queensland example, we show the alternative paths to a career in Construction Management.  The first choice commences with a Bricklaying Apprenticeship and continues with further education, while the alternative direction involves embarking on a University degree, a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management).

A review of the two directions shows that after 11 years you can earn $64,000 more by taking the Trade construction route!

You decide which way to go, compare the Trade road and the University road over an 11 year period from Yr 12.

Compare 4 things:

  1. The career stages you reach
  2. The increases you may earn at each stage
  3. The educational fees you will probably incur
  4. The difference of earnings and educational fees at the end of the roads.


Click on the image above to download the PDF version, and view the diagram in detail.


This tool is provided courtesy of Construction Skills Queensland (formerly CTQ)

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