I Built That


Be on show… 24 – 7

When’s the last time you looked at an awesomely built building or house and said…

“Gee that’s some mighty fine wiring” or ‘nice pipes’ or “check out that great plank work”?

More often than not, when people see a great building and comment on it – it’s what’s visible to them that they notice the most.   And what they are usually admiring most, is the work of a talented bricklayer.

Now not many other trades can boast that. Professions like carpentry, electrical, or plumbing – on the majority of occasions, tend to have their work ‘hidden on the inside’ of a project and for the most part, unseen to the average person.

But as a bricklayer, your work is generally on display for the world to see – which means you – and anyone else, can witness and admire the incredible work you’ve done.

A bricklaying apprenticeship will not only help you build a great career – but great iconic buildings that you can show off to your mates!

Looking for something to show for your efforts…?

Then find your future freedom – and become a bricklayer.

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