Finding a Bricklayer Employer in Tasmania


There are a number of ways to maximise the chances of finding a bricklayer employer in Tasmania. Here are some avenues you can explore:

  1. Contact the Group Training Organisations in your area.  Their role is to help you find employment in the industry.  To download the list of contacts click Group Training Organisations.
  2. Search for bricklaying positions and apprenticeships in Tasmania registered online at Australian Job Search
  3. Register your details and download your resume / CV with Australian Job Search
  4. Register for Job Alerts to be sent to you at Career One and Try searching and registering for Bricklayers, Bricklaying Apprentices, Bricklaying Apprenticeships.
  5. Keep visiting these three sites until you’re employed!
  6. Google your local bricklayers, check the trades section of your local newspaper – and phone them to see if they might be willing to give you a try.
  7. Contact your local TAFE/RTO to see if they know of any employers who may be looking for an apprentice bricklayer.  View our Training Locality Map.
  8. Contact ABBTF to join our data base and we’ll try find a bricklayer employer in Tasmania.



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