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Information for Bricklaying Apprenticeships Melbourne

Bricklaying apprenticeships Melbourne are the perfect choice for high school leavers looking for well-paying, rewarding work with future career development opportunities. There’s never been a better time to take up a bricklaying apprenticeship in Victoria and gain a nationally recognised trade. With construction booming and an aging bricklaying workforce, you’ve got a full time position with good salary with good working conditions to look forward to. As a Melbourne bricklaying apprentice, you’ll get to stay physically fit and work with mates. You’ll also develop lifelong skills and enjoy every day working with your hands. Plus, you’ll get the feeling of accomplishment with each completed job and truly leave a mark on Melbourne. You won’t feel that every day with a desk job.

Most bricklaying apprentices in Victoria undertake a Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying. This is paired with a three or four year apprenticeship on-site with a certified bricklayer. Apprentices learn the basic and advanced skills of bricklaying. This includes learning how to read plans and make measurements, plan work, erect and dismantle scaffolding, plus much more. With that said, a bricklaying apprenticeship is about more than just reading plans and laying bricks. Bricklaying apprenticeships are an exciting opportunity to learn important skills that can serve you in the future.

Bricklayers tend to take on a variety of work later in their career. This can range from running their own gang, running projects, conducting estimates and more. For a greater idea of the potential career pathways that await bricklaying apprentices, visit our Career Pathways page. The bricklaying skill shortage means great opportunities and great wages for qualified bricklayers. Unlike some other construction trades, you’re unlikely to experience long waits between jobs. The greater demand also means it pays to shop around to find better work.

Establishing yourself as a skilled bricklayer allows you to build firm relationships with builders, project managers and other bricklayers. This will help you develop your career and open up opportunities in the future. Bricklaying and carpentry are the only structural construction trades that lead to becoming a qualified builder. So why not choose the trade that has plenty of perks, a clear career path and minimal competition?

Another drawcard for bricklaying apprentices is the ability to work overseas. Once qualified, you’ll be ready to work on just about any construction site around the world. Bricklaying is a universal language, and if your masonry skills and bricklaying artistry is up to scratch, the locals are sure to reward you handsomely.

I’m not sure if a Bricklaying apprenticeship is right for me?

For those fresh out of high school or unsure if bricklaying is right for them, finding information about apprenticeships can be difficult. The Become a Bricklayer site is filled with fantastic resources to help prospective Melbourne apprentices get their start. Many bricklaying apprentices today get their start by attending a free introductory work ready program. Work Ready Programs hit the ground running and let you learn bricklaying as you go with an intensive one-day program. You’ll get professional instruction from a qualified brickie as well as experience in the bricklaying environment. They’re a great pre apprenticeships taster of the trade and you’ll be learning with a truly hands-on approach.

Become a Bricklayer also has a number of handy online tools available. These are suitable for everyone from prospective apprentices through to 1st or 2nd year apprentices looking to complete their trade. Our RTO & TAFE finder tool is the first step in finding a suitable training centre near you to kickstart your future career. Another handy site for prospective Melbourne apprentices is the Australian Apprenticeships website.

Apprenticeships Melbourne Government Subsidies

Bricklaying apprentices are in high demand around the state and most of Australia. Apprenticeships conducted in Victoria can be subsidised by both the Victorian and Commonwealth government. Trade support loans available to help keep you comfortable during your first few years. You can receive up to $21,078 over the life of the trade support loan.

Information for current Melbourne Apprentices

For current apprentices in Melbourne we’ve established a jobs board to help you find a suitable employer near your location. Whether a final year apprentice or just starting out, there’s something for you awaiting on our jobs board. Many Melbourne employers who are looking for a motivated reliable apprentice list their jobs on the jobs board. Due to an increase in demand, finding an apprentice to join their rapidly expanding team becomes a priority. The successful applicant can find themselves employed and onsite almost immediately.

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