Becoming an Apprentice – Victoria

Bricklaying Apprenticeships (VIC)

If you’re interested in becoming a bricklaying apprentice in Victoria, an apprenticeship in General Construction (Bricklaying / Blocklaying) is what you need.

Entry requirements may vary but generally you will require a Year 10 education. VIC Apprenticeship training is usually both on and off the job. The off-the-job training is provided through Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) including TAFE which are located throughout the state of Victoria. Apprentice bricklayers are able to carry out their VIC apprenticeship in the following ways:

  • Traditional apprenticeship (VIC)
  1. Find a bricklayer employer – refer to a Group Training Organisation or locate a bricklayer employer yourself.
  2. Get indentured as an apprentice for 3 years plus enrol at a TAFE college for training


  • Pre-apprenticeship (VIC)
  1. Enrol at TAFE for a full-time pre apprenticeship training course (8 or 16 weeks depending on the TAFE).
  2. Upon completion find an employer (either refer to a Group Training Organisation or find a Bricklayer yourself).
  3. Be indentured as a VIC apprentice in Victoria for 3 years but with less TAFE training to complete due to pre-apprenticeship credits


  • Australian School Based New Apprenticeship (ASBA)

Speak to your careers teacher about this or Contact ABBTF.

Bricklaying Apprenticeship (VIC) – Trade Certificate Qualification

As an apprentice in Victoria you will be enrolled at TAFE/RTO in Certificate III Building & Construction – Bricklaying; which is a 3 year course. This course aims to provide an apprentice in Victoria with training in both the housing and  commercial areas of the Bricklaying trade. During the course, apprentices also acquire the skills necessary for the safe use and maintenance of a wide range of tools and equipment generally used on-the-job such as power tools, automatic and laser levels, nailing guns, compressors, generators, etc.

What will I learn as a bricklaying apprentice in Victoria?

  • Carry Out Workplace Communication
  • Carry Out OH&S Requirements
  • Plan & Organise Work
  • Read & Interpret Plans
  • Carry Out Measurement & Calculations
  • Use Hand & Power Tools
  • Use Small Plant & Equipment
  • Erect & Dismantle Restricted Height Scaffolding
  • Use Simple Levelling Devices
  • Carry Out Concreting To Simple Forms
  • Handle Construction Materials & Safe Disposal Of Waste
  • Prepare For Construction Process (Brick/Block Laying)
  • Prepare Surfaces
  • Carry Out General Demolition
  • Carry Out Levelling
  • Operate Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)

  • Use Explosive Power Tools
  • Carry Out Basic Setting Out
  • Install Door Frames
  • Install Glass Blockwork
  • Construct Corbels & Decorative Brickwork
  • Construct Battered Masonry Surfaces
  • Construct Fire Places & Chimneys
  • Carry Out Veneer Construction
  • Carry Out Solid Brick Construction
  • Construct Masonry Steps & Stairs
  • Lay Brick & Blocks (Wall & Corner)
  • Lay Multi Thickness Wall & Piers
  • Construct Masonry Arch-semi Circular & Segmental
  • Construct Curved Wall
  • Construct Masonry Blockwork
  • Lay Segmental/Unit Paving



For more information on becoming a bricklaying apprentice in Victoria contact ABBTF.

Or to find out where you can receive training for your bricklaying apprenticeship (VIC), click apprentice training locations Victoria.

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