Victorian Bricklaying Apprenticeship Vacancies

Bricklaying apprentices are definitely in demand due to the increasing level of building activity.  This is a great time to start an apprenticeship as we have many employers keen to sign on and train a new apprentice.  In Victoria we currently have 61 vacancies, so get in fast!

Either Phone our office on 1300 30 44 77 or complete the following Form and we’ll give you a call. We make it easy to Find Your Freedom! 

If you are undecided and at the crossroads between school and work, think about working outdoors and getting paid to learn this valuable trade.  In just a week or two we can arrange a trial on the job site or start you in a short work ready training program.  The rest is up to you.

We have many good employers we can match you with, and we will support your work and ongoing training to get that all important qualification in bricklaying.

New, higher wage rates now applicable

New, higher pay rates for apprentices commenced January 2014.   See Apprentice Pay and Conditions.  During the apprenticeship you’re paid while you learn, both on and off the job site.  The old perception of low apprentice wages has now been quashed by a recent apprentice wage ruling delivering excellent starting rates.

There are many other financial incentives, such as Trade Support Loans of up to $20,000 from the Federal Government.   See Apprentice Incentives and visit your State Pages.  These great incentives, plus a good wage while you learn outdoors, gives you a great start in a great trade.  Enquire Now About Bricklaying >

Taking the next step

If you’re committed, ready to learn and especially if you like to do a really good job at whatever you do, your future in the building industry is guaranteed.  There is strong demand for good people to be trained to construct the homes and commercial buildings of the future.

If this sounds interesting to you check out our website topics at this Site, including Bricklaying, the Apprenticeship Training course and the Freedom that this career choice offers.  There are many  Career Pathways that flow once the Certificate III is behind you.

After browsing this website, either Phone our office on 1300 30 44 77  or complete the Form above and we’ll give you a call. We make it easy to Find Your Freedom! 


Top 10 Reasons to Become a Bricklayer – Video

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