Want to break free? Feeling Unsettled at School? Want to do something Big?

become a bricklayer
How to Build the Impossible: The Dr Chau Chak Wing (UTS)
Building at the University of Technology, Sydney.

If you’re feeling restless at school and haven’t settled well into the classroom this year, it might well be that you’d be happier learning in a less structured way, using your hands to create and build beautiful homes and exciting new community spaces – while you enjoy the freedom of being outdoors. Preferring to learn with your hands is often termed being ‘kinaesthetic’ in nature – you learn best through a hands-on approach where you ‘realise’ learning by doing. There are lots of people like this.  If this is you, you’ve probably also got good hand-eye co-ordination giving you an advantage in hands-on careers.

Bricklaying / Blocklaying Certificate III is a great qualification which will secure you a job anywhere in the world, if you want to travel.  It gives you the freedom to run your own business and if you want, pursue a career in construction by moving into building, project management and many other construction roles.   The ‘Top 10 Reasons’ video has more on this.

TIP:  Besides good hand-eye co-ordination, employers want Apprentices who are reliable, respectful and can listen!  Is this you?

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